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Magic Wand

Fintech, Insurtech, Cybersecurity and Blockchain
Acceleration Program

What We Do At Magic Wand

We will intensively work with you on your project during the 5-month program. We have pioneered seed investments in Italy and acquired profound experience in company building, thus we usually understand if you are moving in the right direction and can provide hands-on support to make things function properly, in every respect.

At the same time, we provide you with an investment (up to 150 K€) to take on the market and inform investors that you are the next industry-leading company. The program’s activities do not end with the Investor Day. As a strategic shareholder, we invest time with our founders to help them close the deal once they have generated interest in investors/corporate subjects.

We also regularly help start-ups hire their first employees and obtain great economic conditions with lawyers, advisors and other professionals.


Participating start-ups (up to 10) will enter a competitive process made of of two subsequent phases: Discovery (2 months) and Validation (3 months). 6 out of 10 start-ups will enter the validation phase, selected by a jury composed of DM and the program’s corporate partners.

In the discovery phase, we will go deeply into your projects, helping you to identify and bridge the gaps before fundraising. We will work with you to build metrics, show your value by preparing effective materials and pitches and get your company ready for the entrance of investors (e.g. standard legal paperwork, solving governance issues, etc.).

Participating start-ups that enter the validation phase will have access to an investment by DM up to 150 K€, as set out in the program’s regulation.

What we ask

We have a standard deal. We get up to 10% of the company’s share capital as consideration for the acceleration services and the first 15 K€ cash investment.

Additionally, start-ups will grant DM a 20% discount over the pre-money valuation of the first fundraising round completed upon the program’s end over any additional investment up to 150 K€, including the 20 K€ investment reserved to the 4 best performing start-ups.

How to apply

In order to submit your application, please register, upload your project documentation (a pitch including all relevant information about your team, product/service, reference market and competitor) and agree to the program’s regulation. For any doubts or clarification, please see the FAQ area. You can also apply if you have not yet set up your company.